Saturday, March 12, 2011

Night of Joy tonight at Brass Tree!

Free show//ALL AGES//9pm//Night of joy + Don'ts And Be Carefuls + Bury My Bones//Acoma n' Irvington-ish//Being filmed! Brass Tree #3!

Here's video of the 1st & 2nd episodes, if you missed them. Dude, check these videos out. Four of my favorite Denver bands are showcased and duh I'm talking about Lust-Cats of The Gutters, Sauna, Thee Goochi Bois and those awesome assholes Hot White. Watch, enjoy, put on a tux and come down tonight!

pssst....wanna get involved and/or play at Brass Tree? Check the link at the top or email me directly ( and I will connect you. These dudes are all about the Denver community and want to document it as it's happening. How cool is that?

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